Google AdWords PPC Campaigns

PPC Planning and Strategy | Bid & Budget Management | KPI's Measurement and Analytics

What is Google AdWords ?

Google AdWords is a service platform of the Google search engine for all businesses who would like to show ads on Google or its network in order to establish an online presence and attract customers. AdWords is an essential part of any serious and quality strategy for digital marketing today.

When a pay per click (PPC) advertising campaign in Google is well structured and properly managed, it delivers a lot more leads. Besides, it increases the number of sales, reduces costs, improves conversion rates and maximize return on investment.

PPC advertising is a useful tool to generate traffic to your website. However, poor management and badly structured strategies can lead to loss of both time and money. Here at Netpresenta, we guarantee to develop an advanced management Google AdWords advertising campaign, strategies and marketing techniques that are aimed to deliver successful final outcome.

Our company is a certified Google Partner. We are also Google AdWords certified and Bing Ads accredited company.

Why Google AdWords ?

By using Google AdWords, you take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Attract new clients quickly
    Using Google AdWords, with proper management and strategirane campaign results come almost together.
  • Expand your business
    Google AdWords, helps you reach more potential customers and turn them into real.
  • Promote your brand
    Google AdWords does not only can realize sales but also help to promote better brand online by generating a large amount of impressions.

PPC Strategy & Planning

Without a well developed strategy, it’s almost impossible a PPC Campaign to deliver really good results. Let’s understand or even define your business objectives and goals – the foundations of a good PPC Strategy.

A good planning of the campaign is also required in order to make sure we are focused on the right goals and we deliver maximum value at the right timeframe.  Our approach is always unique and individual for every client as there is no one-size-fits-all strategy.

We aim to improve final results and build strong and sustainable PPC campaigns by identifying your target keywords, generating higher level of traffic, better brand awareness and increase of the number of sales.

We use remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) and customer match look-alike audiences as well as in-market or affinity audience targeting to help our clients to achieve much better conversion rate.

Keyword Research & Ad Copy / Creative

Keywords and ad copy always go together. We start with in-depth keyword research, analyzing the potential and the user intent behind every keyword we’ve found. Our ad copy / creative development follows our PPC strategy, but it also contains creative elements. Our main principle is: target the right audience at the right time and at the right stage of the buying cycle.

We never stop making A/B tests between different variations of the ad copy/creative. That way we refine more and more the steps of your customer’s journey to his next purchase, until we find the best PPC advertising formula for your business niche.

Here at Netpresenta, we create ad copy that can be easily identified. We impel properly working ideas, keywords, and relevant landing pages in your PPC advertising campaigns. Indeed we make them distinguish on the marketplace.

Bids and Budget Management

We use a combination of technology and talent to win in PPC auctions. We support our bid strategies with Google’s DoubleClick Search, which allows us to take advantage of the range and flexibility of bid strategies and deep integration with other Google products.

We aim to allocate your budget first towards high priority top performing keywords to maintain maximum impression share. If we achieve commercial KPIs, we provide forecasts of potential opportunity and monitor pacing to allocated budget daily.

Attribution is at the core of our paid search solution. Through Google’s DoubleClick platform we can set up multiple attribution models and optimize to the model that best suits the specifics of your campaign.

Identifying Campaign Metrics & Performance Analysis

Usually companies hire Search Engine Marketing (SEM) companies to facilitate PPC optimization and to receive detailed reports with properly defined and analyzed metrics on a regular basis. These metrics and their relationships to each other are more complicated part of the PPC Campaigns, than everything else. Well analyzed metrics always follow to great decisions for campaign improvement and better conversion rate.

In our report you receive:

  • All activities we have taken during the last month
  • All metrics according to the defined marketing goals and objectives
  • Campaigns, Ad Groups and Ads Performance Metrics
  • Search Query Performance Metrics
  • Google Analytics Metrics
  • Monthly Comparisons