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Content marketing is the secret ingredient for marketing success. It communicates the right message with the right audience at the right time. Developing a content marketing strategy inevitably includes recognition of your target audience and identification of the questions your customers are expected to ask and the expectations they might have during the purchase process.


What is Content Marketing ?

Content marketing involves two main processes – creating high quality content and outreaching it to attract and engage a clearly defined and well analyzed target audience. Its main aim is to convert the audience into real customers, driving people to perform profitable actions like buying, subscribing.

Our team of experts puts all its strengths in  increasing the awareness of your brand through creative content and promotion. Additionally, Netpresenta structures every content marketing strategy around the following three fundamental principles: audience engagement, brand awareness and influencing behaviors.

Unfortunately, there is such a great amount of content on the web today. It may be hard to make people notice genuine content. In order to make your content noticeable, our team of innovative writers and designers creates unique and compelling, unique and intersting content for you. We produce content that is having its own purpose and is able to receive an adequate attention from both your audience and search engines.

Why Do You Need It?

We are well aware of the fact that sometimes readers are greater critics than search engine algorithms. Usually searching engines index and rank your website content. They estimate the value of your content upon consumer’s interest. For this reason, we create quality and genuine content that people are willing share on the web. The more clicks your website receives, the more influence your content has among its audience.

We strive to give purposes to your content, making it attractive and provoking interests. We interact with your target customers first on your website and then on the social media channels, newsletters, email campaigns, video channels to deliver successful final outcome. Not only will we make your content influencing, we will train your target audience to accept you as a “go-to” source of researches. Besides, we increase your brand recognition and your website authority.


Understanding of your target audience

Before launching any campaign, we identify your audience and your brand objectives. We build a content marketing strategy entirely based on the understanding of your target customers. By building a clear picture of your target customer’s interests and requirements, we manage to successfully engage your content with its audience and to define the right customer journey right for your business.


Content Strategy

We are well aware of your business goals and objectives and we build our content marketing strategies around your brand and your audience characteristics, behaviour and interests. Our team aims to deliver the right messages to your target audience. By engaging with your customers both onsite and offiste, we successfully increase the awareness of your brand and influence your consumer’s behavior to do exactly what we need to achieve all defined business goals.

Content Planning

When it comes to content planning timing is everything. We map content ideas to successfully reach your target audience. But if we don’t deliver them at the right time they are pointless. We schedule content ideas to define a roadmap of what we will produce to connect your brand with your right customers and to deliver the right messages to them at the right time.

Production of quality and unique content

Netpresenta’s team of experienced content writers and graphic designers is able to produce genuine and unique content for you. Our writers and developers cooperate with you in order to deliver high quality content production. We are capable of creating stunning videos, infographics, in-depth researches, blog posts or articles as well as interactive content pieces.

Influencer outreach

We are well aware of the fact that your content is reaching its purposes only when people talk about it. Thus, our team connects your brand with key influencers such as bloggers, journalists, entrepreneurs or other online influencers in order to increase the awareness of your brand, to make people talk about you and keep the conversation going.

Content Audits

Plan for the future by learning from your past. You might already have produced a wealth of content, but have you looked closely at its performance? A content audit will identify your hits, highlight your misses and show you the path toward content your customers will love.