Q.Why choose your company?

A. Because we work transparently and openly, as well as at all levels in SEO optimisation – technical, content and link profile. We provide full and detailed reports every month, and our primary goal is raising your income.

Q. Will you spare enough time for our project?

A. Yes! We are a boutique agency! We do not work with a large number of projects and we are not focusing on other services except SEO, content marketing and Adwords Campaigns Management. We strongly believe that focusing on certain services provides a better opportunity for specialists training, more experience and better results for our customers.

Q. What kind of clients do we work with?

A. We work both with established businesses and starters. All of our strategies are unique and individual.

Q. We have a technical team, how do you handle such situations?

A. There is no problem working with your company’s technical team. Keep in mind that their  work will be monitored by our team so we would like to make sure the best results will be generated.

Q. We have a content writing team. How do you proceed in this case?

A. We will create an individual content strategy for your business in several documents. We will monitor the implementation of the strategy and manually optimize each new created page or blog post one by one. We are also actively involved in the promotion of content.

Q. How long does it take for a quality SEO campaign?

A. It is difficult to give a precise answer to the different situations that may arise, the solution of which also takes time. They may be of a technical, managerial or other nature. In most cases, a positive visibility in the search engines of a project is observed between the 3rd and the 6th month, and it takes about 8-12 months for full achievement of your goals.

In highly competitive niches these deadlines can be much longer 12-16 and sometimes 18-24 months.

Q. What guarantees do we provide?

A. Giving guarantees in most cases is a sign of a low level of expertise of the optimisation agency. Search engines are constantly changing based on updates to their algorithms, so it is difficult to give any accurate predictions about what your search engine visibility will be after a certain number of months, and how many visitors will be attracted.

In any case, we strive to give a good and realistic idea of the time frames and costs needed for implementing the SEO strategies as well as the possible results that can be generated based on our experience.

Q. How do we calculate our prices?

A. It all depends on what you would like to achieve or in other words – your goals. Each project is different and therefore its financial assessment is different given the time it takes to invest in order to accomplish the required work and achieve the objectives.

Typically, our services start at £500 a month and include besides optimization and content creation as it is inextricably linked.

For more information about your project, please contact us through the contact form or call us to get a free offer from us and find out how we can help you.

Q. Does SEO Work for Any Business?

A. Our 13-year professional experience shows that there is no business and website that will not benefit from search engine optimization. There are cases where it is not necessary and another channel of digital marketing would be more effective. Then we will give you an honest answer that you do not need our services and will direct you to the relevant specialists.

Q. How good are we and what experience do we have?

A. We have 13 years experience in SEO website optimization. Many of our customers are on the first page for their important words thanks to our help. As with any business, there are risks that some projects are not well ranked in search engines, and that is normal, as not all actions performed on customer websites depend on us. Of great importance are other factors that could influence the quality SEO campaign – lack of financial resources, incorrect decisions of the company’s management, etc.