Sometimes you might have thought that you should hire SEO firm to get SEO done for your business, but actually when it comes to implementing SEO strategy you don’t know Where to Start? How to start? Believe me, If you are doing SEO for your business in a right & effective manner then no one can stop in getting rankings on the first page in Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Good rankings can get you a large base of the niche focused audience as well as Business Leads which in turns grow your business in a very faster manner than ever. So in this article we are going to discuss Is Search Engine Optimisation really important and Right for your business. Let’s begin with What actually SEO is?

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

local seo londonIt is a process of increasing the visibility of our business over the search engines on the web to get organic or natural traffic to the business website which is really not paid like pay per click. You know when we search any word on Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu etc. Every word is treated as Keyword and SEO is a game of playing with keywords and the right content for the right visitor of your website. If our website is ranking within Top 3 positions in SERP results then we can get more audience and more business leads which in turn reflects our revenue.

Unlike Paid Advertisement which is very costly, here In Organic Traffic we are not supposed to force everyone to watch our advertisements over the Internet but it is actually when a user searches a particular KEYWORD then our business website will be shown to them. In Paid Advertisements, your ads are shown only till you are paying money to publishers. Google Adwords is one of the most used Paid Advertisement platforms to grow your business. But I believe if we can invest a good amount of money to get SEO done for our website then we can lot of money than paid ads.

For Example:  When we search a string like “Best Hotel in London” Search engines come up with a list of websites. Have you ever thought How this list and Ranking of websites be generated? It is done by very complicated calculations of Google Algorithms and their way of determining which website is most applicable for particular Search Term, after the processes of Indexing, after crawling by Google Bots.  If we can detect how these algorithms are performing then we can get our business website ranked within Top 3 positions in Search Engine Results Page, but that’s very difficult, requires a lot of time and experience and a lot of knowledge. That’s what usually SEO specialists have. They spend their time to research Google’s algorithms and their reaction to the applied SEO tacts.

Types of Search Engine Optimization :

on-page off-page seo1. On Page SEO

It is all about optimizing individual pages of the website. How fast website is loading ?? The quality of content exists with the proper density of focus Keyword as well as Appropriate Title with the presence of effective Meta Description that demonstrates web page in an easy to understand way.  Further, Have you enabled sitemap or not?? Most important thing is your Quality of content on your website with proper Headings, Sub headings, Images with Title and ALT Text, Inner pages links and outbound links.

2. Off Page SEO

Off Page comes under implementing strategies outside the website to grow website ranking in search results. It is a process getting backlinks to our business website from various websites which are already in function to build the trust of Google algorithms & bots.

It is one of the most dominant force when it comes to growing rankings. It is not about building backlinks by blog commenting, rather than this it consists of series of efforts that need to be worked on to gain credibility and gain authority. Some of the important backlinks are the do-follow link which passes link juice with a proper balance with a number of no-follow links.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Search Engine Optimization:

Well, everything has some advantages and disadvantages like coin also has two sides, but our team believes that the disadvantages can be ignored easily if we work carefully.


  • You can get targeted audience only related to your services or products.
  • Increase your business visibility on the search engines for niche related keywords, searched by your audience
  • Business Growth in terms of Leads & Sales
  • Free Organic Traffic which in some niches is more beneficial than Paid Advertisements.
  • Cost Efficient


  • It is competitive now so need to put more efforts
  • Long process to get really rankings
  • Content strategies and their execution take time
  • Need Proactive link building strategies
  • Time Consuming Process

How could SEO help your website?

technical-seoEvery business people want their website to appear in top rankings of Search Engines because User thinks that if a website is at the 1st place then it is having some stuff than others. Also, SEO can provide your site more web visibility which in turns a plays important role in growing your business via Digital World. Rapid increase in web visibility helps us to increase conversion rate of Sales for our products and Services.

If we are doing natural link building then it is going to be one of the most powerful tools when it comes to enhancing our business website’s ranking in SERP. When we do links building via blog comments, creating guest posts, directory submissions, search engine submissions, social bookmarking then it is very necessary to build quality links on same niche blogs, websites. Social Booking is an effective traffic generation strategy nowadays.

Before doing SEO we need to be careful about choosing KEYWORDS. We should do proper research with competitor analysis. So that when Google Bots or Crawlers which are automatic software programs scan your website or linked websites where you’ve made links for your own business website. It should be more TRUSTWORTHY to increase your own site ranking in Google. Because what Google wants is delivering high-quality content to its users. By doing ON-Page techniques we are targeting our audience in a focused manner.

How could SEO help your business?

organic traffic increase

I find SEO an extremely effective way to reach our customers that can bring you more business leads with more conversion rates. In recent times, with the increase in Internet Usage with mobile devices, It has been seen that SEO can have more ROI than Television advertisements and Print ads.

According to a Report, 50% people in the world do investigate about product and services before buying them. That’s is one of the reasons good web visibility can help to grow business in a rapid manner with more conversion rates after visiting our website.

SEO provides more business visibility as well as Credibility around the Internet. Users make a mindset that a website which is within Top 3 Positions are best and Normally they open them one by one if not found relevant information or to gather more information.


Now it is clear, SEO generates organic traffic which is more powerful than Paid advertisements. Paid Advertisements run till you are filling them with Money. But when it comes to Natural Traffic Generation you can do it only by doing SEO with High-quality of content on your business website and a very good link profile development. The Website should be developed in an easy to use manner so that users can find relevant information within a minimum span of time.

Organic Traffic can be generated via Brand Value which can be only developed with the quality of products or services you are selling in the market as well as via Online Presence of your Brand.  Nowadays, the Online presence of your website can get you more revenue that you have never think of. We have seen many Business Start Ups in World which are a big brand now. It is only because of their online presence, their reach is to the remote areas, selling their products through Online Medium.

About Dido Grigorov

Dilyan is a Founder of NetPresenta and SEO Specialist with almost 13 years of professional experience in the SEO Industry. Technical & Semantic SEO and Link Building as well are his passion and main activities on daily basis. He also has strong background in Front-End development, Conversion rate optimisation and UX Design.