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Technical Audit | Content Audit | Backlink Profile Audit | Competition Research

An SEO audit is the process of extensive analysis of your website from the viewpoint of searching engines. This process tells you what changes your website needs to undergo in order to meet the demands for quality websites of Google and other search engines. An SEO audit examines all elements of the technical structure of your website, as well as its content and backlink profile, and determines the successful final outcome of your SEO campaign.

Google’s list of requirements for website performance is monumental. Your website needs to have a friendly search engine design and structure in order to function properly and to receive higher ranking positions. Here at Netpresenta we offer you a full SEO support and a comprehensive SEO analysis.

Why do you need an SEO audit?

Poorly performing websites receive less attention and wrong ranking results. If your website does not have a proper content structure, a friendly search engine design and an effective keyword strategy, it fails in targeting its content to the right audience. This process leads to poor website performance and loss of quality and potential.

An SEO audit helps you receive a deep analysis of the performance of your website. By conducting an SEO audit, you will get information on how search engines see your website and what its opportunities for further growth are. Besides, you will get information on fundamental issues that prevent your website from receiving proper search engine rankings.

Briefly, you need an SEO audit to find out your key terms and convert them into potential customers. It ensures the proper performance of your website and increases the traffic to your website through organic or natural search. 

Our SEO Audit Service Includes…

Step 1

First we will contact you to discuss your marketing goals and objectives and your current audience characteristics. From there, we’ll start the Keyword Research & Analysis Process to identify and define the target keywords for your website.

Step 2

After that our SEO experts will start the Audit processes with a focus on four elements – Technical Audit, Content Audit, Backlinks Audit and Competition Audit. We will analyze if your website covers the SEO best practices and how it performs according to the official Google ranking factors.

Step 3

After the audit process is finished you will receive a SEO Audit Report Document with all problems we have found and actionable recommendations with examples for their improvement and solutions. We will be available for all your questions. If you are happy with our work we can prepare an individual proposal for monthly SEO optimisation of your website.

How We Audit Websites

Technical SEO Audit

Webmaster Guidelines Coverage, Loading Speed Test, Caching, Accessibility and Indexation, Robots.txt Directives, Robots Tags, Mobile Friendliness, URL structure and duplication, Server Optimisation, Canonical Tags, Source Code Validation, Schema Mark-up, HTML & XML Sitemaps

In-Depth Keyword Research

Keyword Research and Analysis, Target Keywords Definition, Related Keywords and Entities, User Intent Analysis, Keywords Difficulty Check, Keywords Competition.

Content SEO Audit

Content Structure Analysis, Navigation, Meta Tags, Internal Link Structure, User Experience, Keyword Placement, Semantic Optimisation, Topical Relevancy, Image Optimisation, Content Freshness and Uniqueness, Duplicate Content

Backlinks Profile Audit

Domain & Page Authority, Deep Link Ratio, Backlink Types, Anchor Text Analysis, Backlinks Relevancy, Broken and Lost Backlinks, Link Quantity & Velocity, # of root domains, Toxic Links, Citations and Co-Citations, Social Signals, Brand Signals, Citation & Trust Flow, Top Pages Earning Links Analysis

Competition Research

Top Competitors Identification, Competitors Types, Technical Analysis, Competitors Keywords (Number of Keywords Ranked, Ranking positions, Types, Relevancy), Common Keywords and Keyword Gaps, Competitors Ranked Pages Popularity ( Page & Domain Authority, External Links, # of Linking Domains and Followed Linking Domains), Content Strategy, Ranked Content (Relevance, Optimisation, Snippets, Social Metrics, Formats, Outreach Tactics), Indexed pages.

Your Website Doesn't Perform Well on Google ?

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