With modernisation in the world of the Internet, the entire market of the world has integrated on the web. With all billions of websites, blogs, and numerous business brands on the web today, here arises a huge requirement of Search Engine Optimisation. Let us first understand what Search Engine Optimisation is.

What Is Search Engine Optimisation – SEO?

browserSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a technique to show up your website or web pages ranked for keywords in the search engine results, when someone looks up for the similar content to what you have to offer. In order to execute the search engine optimisation process powerfully, there are numerous SEO companies where a company outsources its website to get it ranking for the most important niche keywords in the search engines with the best SEO techniques. Though there is no particular formula a company would follow for different sites, there are distinct services performed in various ways to make the most out of the London SEO services of your website.
Let us further find what actually an SEO company does!

keyword research1.Initial Keywords Research

Keywords and content are still everything in SEO. The original and successful SEO research involves doing a keyword research. A SEO specialist has to research the main keywords most of the audience uses to prepare an adequate and efficient content plan for your website, that covers users’ expectations.

These keywords impacts the content architecture of the website and are used suitably in the titles, meta descriptions, headings and in most of all the content of the site in perfect proportions to get the website in the top ranking of the search results. They should also be very carefully selected  and applied to the right step of the customer jorney. They should be also targeted on the right pages with the right content that covers people expectations.

SEO Audit and analysis

seo-audit-analysisUnder the site analysis, a company formerly performs a technical analysis, content analysis, Google analytics analysis, Google webmaster tool analysis and backlinks profile analysis. The web analytics or google analytics shows your past performance and lets you analyse the opportunities for improvement.

The Google webmaster analysis (Search Console) helps analyse the website past and current performance and ultimately finding out the reasons that negatively affect the rankings. Furthermore, the link profile analysis, on the other hand, lets you understand what’s the strategy of link building, are the backlinks strong enough, how they are placed on the pages of the websites, what is the anchor cloud, are they relevant etc.

Coming to the site audit, once the research and analysis work is complete, the SEO firm performs an audit of the client’s website. Now this involves numerous factors such as URL structure, web page loading speed, internal linking, content optimisation, semantic SEO, etc. The aim of auditing is not just for SEO purposes but to ensure there are no barriers to the rankings, conversions and profits to the website.

Competitive intelligence

Research on your competitor’s website lets you know what keeps them going good on their search engine visibility. You get to know about the links your competitors have linked to and give you an inspiration to performing better by creating much better ties. Research on your competitors can help you replicate their performance.

technical seoFixing problems with technical and on-page optimisation

There are two types of optimisation procedures. On-page optimisation and Off-page optimisation. When it comes to on-page optimisation, it involves all the measures that can be taken within the website to improve site’s ranking. Thus, an SEO company takes steps to analyse and solve technical, content, on-site issues relating to the on-page optimisation.

Link removal (disavow)

google disavow tool

Under this service, the SEO company makes sure to remove all the unwanted, irrelevant or low quality links from your website. To get this done, the company uses a special tool called Diasvow Tool, where the team submits a specia list with domains or backlinks, which have to be taken out of consideration by the search engine. Google penalises such spam backlinks, and your website looses its rankings significantly. Thus, Link removal disavow is a prime measure an SEO company takes.

Link building and monitoring

Link building is an important process for SEO purposes and gaining traffic. Companies perform link building with the view to drive people to your website and increase traffic from another sites. Link building is executed through many different tactics and approaches, part of them are guest posting, broken link building, niche directories, specialised websites or creating individually to gain global popularity.

content planning

Content strategy, planning, and content creation – the heart of SEO today.

Content is one of the most crucial factors for SEO of a website. The written content can be your home page, explanation of your services, a presentation of your company (about us page). case studies pages, knowledge base on your website, some detailed blog posts or any other piece of content. Depending on what you have to offer to the market, a content strategy is planned to create optimised content, to make your brand popular and generate some leads for you. The content strategy should be created with the keyword research in mind and all important and related keywords to be properly targeted on the right pages and in the right step of the customer journey.

Content promotion

Promotion of the content of your website is termed as a content promotion. The easiest and the cheapest method to get the content publicity done today is through social media. Social media in the form of different applications are a platform where everybody can find most of their customers. Moreover, there are other measures such as connecting your web pages internally as well externally to other pages. Proper use of keywords is formed while promoting on social media for the purposes of social media optimisation. There are a lot more options for content promotion today as well like using special platforms like medium.com or Triberr, sending emails to potential readers, PPC ads, Scoop.it and so on.

Brand monitoring

Monitoring the establishment and maintenance of your brand is equally important. The traffic coming from branded keywords is very important for your overall rankings. Having established brand name is imperative. Thus, the monitoring process covers a proper management to controlling the effectiveness of your brand and further taking relative measures to avoid the negative impact of your brand.


These are the major services a much-reputed SEO company will serve you will getting into an SEO contract. Hiring an SEO company has become primarily imperative due to the fierce competition present in the market. Connecting with experts ensures no making mistake while fighting tough in the competitive world. SEO companies are professionals in their work.

Outsourcing your website SEO requirements is one of the best decisions one should take in order to ensure positive rankings. Moreover, it is imperative to understand, it is not just the site ranking, but you have to get some real results in the form of leads (orders, enquiries)  and to protect your website from numerous risks. An SEO company follows the best and most recent practices for website optimisation, conversion rate optimisation and risks protection.

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Dilyan is a Founder of NetPresenta and SEO Specialist with almost 13 years of professional experience in the SEO Industry. Technical & Semantic SEO and Link Building as well are his passion and main activities on daily basis. He also has strong background in Front-End development, Conversion rate optimisation and UX Design.